Is this altruism?

Synergistech Communications matches contract and staff technical content developers with San Francisco Bay Area technology companies. We know and respect you — our candidates — and are known for always being forthcoming with career advice, information, and leads.

In the spirit of efficiency, candor, and helpfulness, this blog is full of content-related employment opportunities we’ve discovered at local companies that Synergistech does not (yet) represent. It’s a searchable list of links to contract and staff positions with real employers (no agencies) to which you can apply directly and for free.

Spread the word
In the spirit of reciprocation, all we ask is this: if you learn about a position on this blog and ‘connect’ with a hiring organization but subsequent don’t accept its offer, tell them about us.

If you let a company know that Synergistech can bring them the right candidates — quickly, efficiently, ethically, and (for staff candidates) with a 3-month unconditional guarantee — we’ll compensate you with up to $1,000 in referral fees when we fill their vacancy.

Feedback welcome
Please share your comments about these positions, including indicating whether the posted vacancy has been filled or has shape-shifted. Within reason and good taste, we welcome any input you’d like your peers to see as a comment.

For more information, please contact us.

: This list deliberately excludes opportunities with Synergistech’s paying clients, as well as companies that keep insisting they don’t need our help (like Cisco, Oracle, VMware, and Google) :-).

PPS: If you need help keeping track of the companies to which you’ve applied, which variant of your resume and cover letter you’ve sent them, and with whom you’ve spoken or traded emails, Synergistech recommends JibberJobber. JibberJobber is a web-based tool created exclusively for job seekers that offers most or all of the functionality you’ll need to conduct a full-scale job search without losing your mind. It’s especially helpful for contractors, who (should) never stop looking for their next gig.


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