About Synergistech

Welcome to Not Synergistech’s Jobs, a blog and RSS feed of recent Technical Communications employment opportunities with local companies that aren’t our clients.

Synergistech Communications is an independent recruiter of technical content developers in the San Franscico Bay Area. For almost 20 years we’ve matched contract and staff Technical Writers, Trainers, Instructional Designers, publishing tool experts (think XML, XSL, DITA, etc), and many other kinds of content-development professionals with opportunities at discerning local technology companies.

But many companies still don’t know about us, or about how we can save hiring managers time, money, and frustration. So we’ve taken the bold (and some would say illogical) step of helping you find as many of them as possible all in one place — in hopes that you’ll let these companies know how you learned about them and, should you decline (or not be offered) their opportunity, that you’ll suggest they let us find them a better match.

Here’s what makes Synergistech the right choice for a company struggling to find the right Technical Writer (or Editor, or DITA guru, or Technical Trainer, or …):

  1. We’re well-connected, well-informed, well-respected, and tightly focused on SF Bay Area technical communications
  2. We work on contingency, so cost companies nothing until they hire from us
  3. We understand technical technical communicators; Andrew Davis wrote API and networking doc, and managed a team of Tech Writers, for eight years. We are forthcoming (gasp!) about the pros and cons of the candidates we introduce.
  4. Our commission is modest — see our Client FAQ for details
  5. Our staff (salaried/full-time/permanent) hires are guaranteed unconditionally for 90 days

We’ll find the right contract and staff candidates more quickly, efficiently, and ethically than anyone else. Plus we engage our candidate base in all our searches by offering generous referral fees (for both placed candidate and filled vacancies).

For more information, please visit our site.


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